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About Underwater Knitting

Underwater knitting is a skill that is not only just hilarious but is also existent in today's present society. There are classes in university that teach students the simple yet elegant skill of underwater knitting. During my literal 4 seconds of research, I was able to manage to find youtube videos of people recording themselves knitting underwater.

The reason why underwater knitting should be trending as we speak is because it is unrecognised for the skills and dedication required to successfully "play" the 'sport'. Underwater knitting takes open chakras in the lungs and peace of mind. The sport requires silence and the ability to conserve energy while underwater. Underwater knitting is currently something that is 'surprisingly' not a sport that is participated in the olympics.

Underwater knitting has its goods sides and its bad. Mentioned above is my positive view on the subject of underwater knitting but here is the negative. The sport name 'Underwater knitting' is not and will most likely will not be popular because "Underwater knitting is simply unnecessary"(quote me on that). Another example of an analogy used to describe 'unnecessary' would be to invent something unnecessary such as "learning science" or "being nice to Christopher".

Underwater knitting is a sport that is difficult sport to be properly played. Though it is difficult, it is amusing to spectate because of its stupidity.