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About AaronProductions

AaronProductions is a comedy website dedicated to my friends. It is dedicated to my friends because it's funny. If it weren't for my friend Christopher (aka Kweestafurr) this would not be a thing.

The idea of why I wanted to make AaronProductions was to literally "talk about" Christopher. I told my friends that I knew how to program through a book and the first thing they told me to do is to talk about how awesome we are and how Christopher was not. After we wrote everything down, my friends and I showed him and he just laughed at us. After that night I forgot about it completly.

After about 1 year after, I found my old coding book. I immedietly remembered the text my friends and I wrote. I rushed to look through ALL my files to find it and there it was. The text. Hence the website "AaronProductions" born!

Even after finding it, I had all this text ready but I could never find a website that I could publish it to for free. Not until I found Neocites. "Kweestafurr" was the first website I have ever made. Unfortunately, I had to take it down because I accidentally named my site Kweestafurr. Kweestafurr can be found in the Kweestafurr series, but if I don't know you personally, you cannot view it. This is because he was slightly offended. He didn't think that I would actually make the website.

About the creator of AaronProductions

I am a highschool student in 7th grade. I like to bully sarcastically to alot of my friends because it is hilarious. Two of my friends, Carlos and Christian (metioned above as 'friends') were the ones who inspired me to make this website.

The reason why I am continuing this website (I was originally supposed to only publish Kweestafurr) is because while making it, I began to grow fond over it. As I kept going on and on, I was able to develop my own style of CSS and it has become one of my new favourite hobbies. It was something about the satisfaction of coding for a couple hours and your website turning out how you expected it, sometimes more then you expect. To me, programming is something that I enjoy spending my time on. AaronProductions is also a place where I can showcase my abilities ot my friends.

I will continue making updates quite regularly on my website for quite awhile. Now you know the backstory behind AaronProductions.

Things you should know

If you are still here reading, good on you! Here are some important things you may need to know about this website:

◆ Where necessary, in the ☰, there is a go back button ◆

◆ It is not recommended to view to view this website on a phone/celullar ◆

◆ Some content that may be offensive to some viewers have warnings on them. AaronProductions is not responsible for any offensive content that you have agreed to view ◆