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The Victim Book

Victim Number 1

Ok so pretend this girl is named Ani. Now Ani was doing her duty of supervising the blind spots of teachers in the playground with her partner Mark. Mark is a, let's say, a person who never thinks before he says anything. It was a really sunny day and Ani said, "I hate the sun", because it was 30 degrees Celsius, so Mark (who already has a girlfriend named Laya) says in the most awkward way possible, "You can sit right here" pointing to the spot right next to him. Ani's associate Jackie and Marks partner John began to theorise that Mark may be trying to get his ins with Ani.

Victim Number 2

At the same place with the same people, Mark with John, Ani with Jackie, another incident happens. Mark happened to tell them the story on how Mark had to do trust falls with John at their Church. Because again, Mark is already with Laya, he decided to do trust falls with Jackie. Several times successful, but then the bell rang, signalling all students to go to the handball court to be addressed. "One more before we go to lines" said Mark. Jackie agreed and as she fell, Mark shaped his arms in a position sort of like a hug and placed his hands flat her. I'm sure you understand how this worked.

Victim Number 3

This time, this incident happened in front of the whole class of these 4 students. John the genius decided to mock Marks gf by stuffing drink bottles down his jumper and started to act like how John thought she acted and offered Mark a lil smooch. Enraged (because Mark has a low temper and high sensitivity), (sensitivity of personality, not how fast your character moves you nerd) decided to twist John's arms until he basically died. Yeah, the second worst of this book.

Victim Number 4

Also afflicted a second time, Jackie was happily eating her lunch when Mark kept nagging Jackie about how, when, who, what - every single detail about her little brother who was doing something he should not do. It was a very deep and personal thing to her, but Marks persistence was unbearable, so she ran away to escape his grip. Now, Jackie is normally a chill person who is in one word: chill, cause like she is chill in every situation, so Mark happened to trigger one of the only chill person in the class. Marks persistence continues to amaze me. (You too)

Victim Number 5

Yeah, I'm not really sure how this one worked out but briefly and quite hilariously, (that a word?) Mark somehow managed to poke Ani in the eye with a pencil. Honestly, I don't know how he didn't get in trouble, probably because of her winning personality (not as great as Johns ;) ). Mark has this social issue (by choice) of not being able to honestly or even try to say sorry. Sometimes he tries to just make himself feel better, rather than trying to help one of his victims.

Victim Number 6

This one is quite short. Jackie went to go to Mark to ask him a harmless question. They happened to be talking about duties (where you supervise teacher's blinds spots). She said "we were partners in Term 2". But then out of nowhere, he replied saying "and we broke up in term 3". Honestly it is quite funny but he made yet another victim without even trying.

Victim Number 7

2 classmates that you don't know about were having an argument about how someone owed the other person some food from 1 year ago. One of them decided, that out of all people, would ask Mark for food. Mark replied with a stern "no!" but then continued by saying "go ask Ani." He went to ask Ani but the teacher stopped him and screaming (all teachers always stop a problem by beginning with an "Uh") He was then handed out a negative and was depressed for all of lunch break, blaming anyone and of course, anyone but himself.

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